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Homoeopathy can treat most medical conditions from first-aid situations to acute and chronic illnesses.

Although we do not make claims to cure any particular condition, our experience gives us confidence in the effectiveness of our treatments.  Even many health problems that have no treatments in conventional veterinary care can be healed through homoeopathy.   See what our client’s say.

Our treatments are complimentary to professional veterinary care.  Your family vet is in the best position to make a diagnosis of your animal’s health problems.  With this diagnosis, and a clear idea of your animal’s symptoms, we can tailor a homoeopathic treatment plan that can augment and enhance veterinary care.

In emergency and critical situations you must always seek the help of a Veterinarian, but homoeopathy can still offer help on your way to the vet through our homoeopathic first aid kits and phone advice.

How should you feed your animals to promote maximum health?  Our dietary advice follows the guidelines for a natural, healthy nutrition advocated by well-known veterinarians such as Dr Ian Billinghurst and Dr Clare Middle (see Helpful Links).

Would you feed your family on tinned or dried food without ever giving any fresh produce?

In an initial consultation, we provide advice about diet and nutrition, which is tailored to your animal’s particular needs.


When our founder, Jackie Fitzgerald, gave a seminar to Homoeopaths in Brisbane she was introduced by a practitioner who worked with many farmers in Northern New South Wales.  He was also a Chiropractor and many of Jackie’s patients saw him for their back problems.

From the testimony of many of his patient’s he concluded that “this lady walks on water”.  She had saved them so much money and yet their stock was healthier than ever before.

Our clinic keeps its overheads low and aims to provide you with high quality care at the best value possible.  What’s more, we don’t over treat at any time – we just provide what is necessary and let nature do its work.

Our consultation fee includes all basic remedies needed to start the treatment.  After that repeats can be purchased individually at very competitive prices.

Also, in the larger quantities required for farm operations, the price of remedies becomes proportionately cheaper.

Consultations and Product orders can be done over the internet.  Email us your details and, if necessary, we can arrange for a phone or skype consultation.  Our branches in the USA and in India can send you the necessary medicines, without the need for international posting.


Any fees or purchases can be paid in Indian Rupees (prices are appropriate to the Indian market). Our distributor is Chandra Homoeo Stores, 12-3-26 Papaiahpet Chaman, Warangal – 506002, A.P. India.  They will pack and post your order to get it to you within a few days.

USA – Details to be advised.


Contact Stephen for prices of First-Aid  and Farm Kits and  any Additional Products.  You may also order individual remedies, which can be ordered in various sizes.  All our kits can be restocked by ordering via email or by phone (phone is always the fastest if you need anything urgently).

If you need to have a consultation you will need to make a booking.  This can be done by email or by phoning us.

You can bring your pet into our clinic at St Marys in Sydney or you can have a phone or Skype consultation over the internet.  We then send your remedies by Australia Post.  At a small extra charge we can usually send them by Express Post for overnight delivery to many locations in Australia.  (Our clinic has always been equipped for phone consultations as we consult with farmers Australia-wide). 



Full Consultation                      $90.00

(includes all homoeopathic medicines you may initially need to treat the condition).  Normally up to 45 minutes.

Short Consultation                       $60.00

(includes all homoeopathic medicines you may initially need to treat the condition).  A short consultation may be suitable for a  follow-up review of treatment or for an acute situation.  Normally up to 20 minutes.

Postage & Handling                  Normally $8.00 for Standard Post or $12.00 for Express Post.

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